Exclusive Fuzzy Sun EP Vinyl Release Coming Soon

Fuzzy Sun EP Vinyl Release Coming Soon

You’ve been asking for it… and we’ve been hard at work to bring it to you during lock down.

Watch this space… our very first and exclusive EP Vinyl release is coming very soon!

Fuzzy Sun EP Vinyl (4 Tracks)

4 thoughts on “Exclusive Fuzzy Sun EP Vinyl Release Coming Soon

  1. Amber James says:

    Hello I was wondering if you had a release date of your vinyl it’s my dads bday and he’s a bit fan of yours and would love to get it for his bday !

    • Fuzzy Sun says:

      Hi Amber James, indeed we do! The release date is now set for Friday, 9th October 2020. Plus the first 40 orders will get an exclusive/limited run of hand drawn inserts by Kyle Ross! So be sure to order ASAP.

  2. Michael Fay says:

    Hiya I ordered mine on the 9th but haven’t received it yet, have they started shipping yet or is the release date later? 🙂

    • Fuzzy Sun says:

      Hi Michael, apologies we only just saw your comment here. Have you received your order yet? If not please get back in touch. Thanks.

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