NEW RELEASE: ‘Stories Retold’ Is Out Now!

Listen to our new release Stories Retold

Fuzzy Sun’s newest release, ‘Stories Retold’ is OUT NOW with 8 tracks. Available to download and stream on your favourite music platform.

A message from Fuzzy Sun

In this time of reflection we decided to re-imagine some of our previously released tunes and portray them in a completely different acoustic fashion. We did this all from lock-down and are super proud how this has turned out. It’s allowed us to tap into some of our major influences and give y’all something completely new to listen to…. The whole thing runs as one consecutive piece from start to finish so we hope you can enjoy it in that fashion.

We hope you’re all doing well, and hope you enjoy the ‘new’ tunes, tell everyone you know, get streaming, buying, all of it! Big Love 💕🌞


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One thought on “NEW RELEASE: ‘Stories Retold’ Is Out Now!

  1. morganandy77 says:

    Just caught up with Fuzzy Sun again listening to Stories retold I think it is a superb piece of work, well done in every aspect from vocals, instraments, recording, consitancy right through every track ,awesome listen. *****

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